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Counselling and Therapy Services

Individual, Relationship, and Family Therapy

Humans make meaning through multiple stories about our Selves, our lives and experiences. There are many nuances and layers in these stories that are sometimes hidden and disconnected, be it through traumatic experiences, hard and unforgiving circumstances, and social/economic contexts that challenge our lives and identities. 

Our bodies hold the memories of these brilliant, resilient, strong, and beautiful parts of our lives, and we can find the connection to these stories when we listen closely. 

Counselling is an opportunity to weave and construct and re-tell our stories in ways that bring our strengths and resiliency forward.

Counselling and Therapy Services: Services
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Individual Therapy

I work with many problems and dilemmas people experience on the journey in life, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, ecological grief, personal growth and development, and spiritual growth and healing.

When you are feeling stuck, unable to make the changes you desire, when life seems overwhelming and relationships too difficult, a therapeutic conversation can help us connect with our strengths, capacities, skills, and gifts that are temporarily out of sight and seem impossible to reach again. 

Relationship Therapy

Relationships between partners sometimes experience challenges in much the same way that individuals do. In relationship therapy, I support all partners through challenging conversations and encourage space and understanding of each perspective.

In relationship therapy, I focus on nourishing and guiding the relationship in order to help partners practice deepening connection and intimacy. Difficulty with communication, lack of intimacy, betrayals of trust, challenges in parenting of children, can all be addressed in therapeutic conversations.

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Family Therapy

Family life can sometimes become tense and difficult - families are groups of unique people who share many connections with each other and the world outside.

Difficulties encountered by one family member, whether it's stress, a developmental milestone, a health challenge, emotional trauma, may ripple out into the family's relationships with each other.

In my approach to family therapy, I bring a gentle focus to the relationships between family members even through those challenges. The healing process begins with identifying any patterns of interaction between family members that might be causing additional distress, and collaboratively finding new ways to connect and bring healing into the relationships.

I facilitates families in relating in patient, curious, supportive, and connecting ways, even throughout challenging times.

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